Fall 2018 into 2019
Well we are playing down south now, Florida shows are hopping!  Duo playing Bonefish Willy’s, Fresh Scratch Bistro, Obloy Family Ranch....and our Band, Rich Brown Band is booked at Malabar Mo’s, Earl’s Hideaway, Space Coast Harley Davidson, Soberstock Festival...
AND be sure to read our Cover Feature in Jazz & Blues Florida in January 2019!  Very exciting!!  
As always, thank you for your love and support of our art and music!
Summer 2018
Check out my Homepage feature on Indie On The Move website, an invaluable resource for us independet musicians by clicking here 
Also, I have finished the New England shows and am getting ready to head south!!  We are booked at venues in Melbourne and Indian Harbour Beach Florida so far, more to come!  Stay connected with us!  Click here
April 2018 - We are very happy to announce Launch Booking as our new agent!!!!  Bringing us to a venue near you Summer 2018 and onward.  We have one more show here in Florida before travelling northbound.  Join our emailing list by clicking here!
Check for upcoming shows by clicking here
See you soon!!!!
February 2018 – we are rolling into some good gigs in rolling out of some good ones too! Hope you can join us at Bonefish Willy’s, Cocoa Beach Public Library listening room for music Sundays, Soberstock near Tampa and soon after in Deland at Delandapalooza, always a hoot!!   Come on by to show before we hit the road in May! Peace and blues to you!  More show info click here 🎶🎶
March 2017 - I ain't dead yet!!  Back on the road after hittin' some rough spots...again!  The band and my solo show is back at it, playing in Daytona and Satellite Beach recently, Daytona's Main Street Live Festival, Froggy's Saloon, Bank and Blues Club and Whiskey Beach Pub over in Satellite. We are heading to DeLand's Original Music Festival and Cocoa Beach in April. March finds me in Space Coast Sound Studio working on a new record and booking dates for the road northward!!  Peace to all you Blues fans and be nice to each other!!  SHOWS

September 2016.  News....we are heading to Florida...come join us for some sweet tasting Blues!  Check our show schedule here!  We hope you can enjoy the journey as much as we do!!  See you at a show!!

February 2, 2015....Groundhog Day, a favorite holiday....The Erna Nixon Park gig was a massive good time!  About 600 folks young and older than young throughout the evening, listening, singing along, dancing, tapping feet and digging the tunes and the good times we had!!  Thank you to all who came and made it so great!!

February 2nd 2014
Happy Ground Hog Day!  We started updating the Show Calendar for the tour, more dates to follow.  Shows

January 20. 2014
We are gearing up for a Southeast tour in May....Georgia...hear us in Athens and Decatur...or catch us in Charleston, SC....  we will play North Carolina in Black Mountain and Asheville....  Tennessee...catch us in Knoxville and Memphis...  onto Clarksdale, MS....   then to New Orleans....and of course we will begin and finally land back in Florida.  Stay tuned, we will post the dates to give plenty of time to plan and join us.  May your Mojo be working....

October 20, 2013
I am back home in Florida after summer back north plating shows and living pretty  good!  Travelled the Southland with many stops along the way. Notably Memphis at WEVL on Brett Fleming'Soul Srew, 89.9 fm, promoting the CD and down Highway 61 to the Hopson Plantation and Red's Loungs in Clarksdakle, Ms.  Met lots of nice folks , travelled with some good friends and played some Blues.  First show in Florida is October 26 

Hey y'all 
My first show as a Mojo Rodeo Record Label and BMI recording artist is happening in your backyard!  Flying in from my new digs in Florida, I will be playing one night only at the Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, Ma. (Hollis St.). Even better, I am opening for Blues superstars Paul Rishell and Annie Raines.  My new CD Down A Good Road will be available at the show. Tickets available through either website!  Don't miss this show!!  Heading back South after this show...Peace!


So Spring is time for change and rejuvenation...   I am happy to announce that Paul Size has joined me for some duo performances!  Paul is a phenomenally talented Blues guitarist who has had much success in the genre and is expanding his music world, joining me playing Roots Blues.  You can be sure to see and hear more of us at our upcoming shows.  Welcome Paul to the fambly!

Good riddens Hurricane Sandy!  New roof on the way...   Back to the music....

Congrats to Erin Harpe and Rosie Rosenblatt on winning the Boston Blues Challenge!  We had a great time competing with some great musicians.

Photo shoot is done for the record and the final mixing and mastering is being done.  Soon as this record is released, we'll be on the road promoting what we play shamelessly!  


Fall 2012

Whoa!  We got lots going on...we are in the Boston Blues Challenge on October 14th at the Wonder Bar in Allston www.bostonblues.com/cal.php  And my new CD is being readied for release.  Paul Rishell and Annie Raines www.paulandannie.com/mojorodeo/ have produced and played on all the tracks, it has been a fantastic experience with two legends of the Country Blues.  We recorded with Chris Rival at his Middleville Studios in North Reading, Ma., a beautiful space and vibe.  We'll be releasing the record under Right Hand Music Publishing and Mojo Rodeo Records soon so stay tuned for news of the release party!.

I have also uprooted my world, having moved to an island off the Massachusetts coast on my way to Florida sometime this winter.  I'm hoping the new record will help keep you with me as I transition to the Southeast and new folks and  venues to play there!

Hope to see you soon and thanks for your support!!


July 19th, 2012
We are in sunny Florida preparing for the big move south.  I am returning North to record our next CD on July 24th. This project is being produced by some truly talented and special people.  Some amazing and legendary players will be featured as well.  More on that when it's done....

And, when it's done, I'll be bringing this experience to you on the road somewhere.  Until then, peace of Blues be on you!

May 24th, 2012
We are back on the circuit.  Feels good after a long and surgical winter.  Enough about that.  Herrick's Tavern last Saturday is a great room, great gig.  This Saturday we are opening for Ottomatic Slim at The Spruce Street Tavern.  Shows  Otto is a phenomenl harp player and his Electric Blues Band is smoking hot!!  An old friend from my days with the Gurus of Blues, Irish Mike Patterson, invited me to have a go with Otto and his band.  Good people, good time.  Come join the fun.  We play our old time Blues and it is a nice complement to the rocking electric Blues Ottomatic Slim serves up.  www.ottomaticslim.net/ 
See you soon.

This just in.....Blues Revue from Miss Patti -

Unbelievable performance. Jim's harmonica is hot, hot, hot! I was amazed.

And Rich's fantastic guitar and gravelly voice put the indigo in the blues.

Don't miss out next time:  www.sprucestreettavern.com/index.cfm


March 23rd, 2012

I'm sitting on my new left hip, just put in two days ago.  Looking forward to stomping my feet without pain for a change!  As a result, we have no shows until the end of May and beginning of June.  Some say I am newly hip, some say I'm hip again, I say I've lost my hip and gained some titanium!  ;^)))

TMVFF gig was awesome, nice venue and worked with some great folks.  Namaste Anna!

February 24th, 2012

The last three shows (post back surgey), from New Year's Eve to last Saturday were incredible!  Full venues, everyone digging the tunes, hip shaking, head bobbin' good times.  Even an impromptu, room shaking, full on audience sing on an old spiritual.  That'll be in the set list more often!!  Thanks to all who are enjoying this music along with me.  And as always, thanks for the listening and support so many of you do. 

We have some new folks around.  New fans of the music keep popping up at shows, pretty sweet!  And a new harp player, welcome Jim Peters, this guy is dripping the Blues.  Gonna be some fun!

I want to thank harp player Claude Von Roesgen for our collaboration together.  I'm hoping we're not completely done.  Claude is chasing Toots Theilmans and Jazz harp, at the Acton Jazz Cafe, all the best Claude.  He is hosting Open Mic at Slater's in Bolton, Ma. with Marty Beecy most Thursday nights.

If we don't play at TMVFF in March, we'll be back on the road in June after my hip surgery, send me some good vibes folks!

January 26th, 2012

This weekend's show at The Coffee Loft Shows will feature a new face behind the harp, Jim Peters.  Welcome Jim!!  This guy has Blues dripping off each note he plays, been a real pleasure getting ready for the show. 

In case any were wondering, Harmonica Claude is on St. John's in the B.V.I. playing harp with Jonathan Edwards, no doubt....best wishes my friend!

January 2012

An awesome year's end with a couple packed gigs and a back surgery.  My motor don't turn like it used to, about slept for two days after the New Year's Eve show.  The doctor said I'd be tired for awhile but I haven't slept so much since college daze....    Don't have another show until 1/28/12 so I hope to be good and fresh by then.  Shows

As always, thank you all for your support and appreciation of the music I play and warmest regards to you!!


November 2011

Are you kidding?  Winter is almost here...yikes!!  We are booking shows once again so check the site for new dates.  December will see us in Arlington at Right Turn Live on the 3rd and then back at Mitchell's Garage on the 17th for another wild night of whatever it is they call it what they do in Bolton Mass..  Crazy fun anyway!!  See y'all soon.


August 2011

Well just about ready to go live in September.  Haven't played a show since early July, been a nice siesta....  

Still working on the new record and hopeful for a release by year's end.  Still trying to play as good as Paul Rishell, my mentor and good friend, though I suspect that effort will continue for my lifetime, just as well.  

I put a couple new tunes on the player here on the site, hope you enjoy them.  It's been somewhere around a hundred years since they were written, just gems of ageless life stuff.   I've tried to find the license for both, unsuccessfully.  If you happen to know, tell me so i can do my part.  I'll keep looking....

Hope to see you at a show sometime.  Shows


March 30, 2011

Just played a "chicken wire gig" .... remember in the movie Blues Brothers, they didn't know any country songs and the beer bottles start flying?... pretty close, at one point a lady was loving our set and an hour later she was asking us how much money she could pay us to stop playing...then the beer bottles start breaking, the fighting starts and empties in and out of the bar and I'm wishing I knew how to play "Rawhide" or "Stand By Your Man"....we got through unscathed and happy to leave.  Other than that it was a great night.

Dancing Pig this Thursday, very nice venue, no need for chicken wire here!  Great food, mellow vibe...www.thedancingpigri.com/about.html

March 10, 2011

The Louisiana swing was way more than I thought it may be...all good!!

Fun gigs, ...Friday, Cochon de lait at L.J.'s....Saturday, Mardi Gras Wedding at The Carriage House....Lundi Gras yeah fat monday, at The Sing Sing Club on Bourbon Street...I'm home to rest ;^)) ...and to get ready for some upcoming gigs that should satisfy everyone's palate for some down home blues ...see all the dates and more here bostonblues.com/details.php and pics here www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php

And thanks for checkin' on me, I really appreciate all of you. 

See you soon,


and remember....
Claude Von Roesgen's harp playing can be heard at most of our shows now.  Welcome to this blues train Claude, happy you are booked and bound to go!!