Mojo Rodeo and BMI Recording Artist Rich Brown released his latest CD in the summer 2013, Down A Good Road. Look for a new release in 2021. 

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Rich Brown has been fiddlin' around with a guitar since 1969. He now lives in Florida, surfs when he can and plays the Blues he loves. Anything is possible under tough circumstances, that is what made him who he is today. And now he's come up to loving to play this music that speaks to him.

"Rich Brown is a blues man. His performances deliver a unique musical ability and skill. His extensive knowledge mixes with his talent giving a rich background to each song, allowing the story of the blues to unfold on stage.” - Boston Blues Society    Solo, Duo, Trio or Full Band, Rich shares a great show with his audience!" 

Rich Brown entertains with a bluesy guitar and a soulful, gravelly and guttural voice to match. His 2009 six-track disc, Beach Blues, and his 2013 release, Down A Good Road, provide a nice sampling of his slide work. DAGR was produced under the Mojo Rodeo label by Paul Rishell and Annie Raines, both make appearances on the record. Rich's colorful lyrics and growly voice bring the audience into the songs he plays. Rich Brown is playing and singing the music he loves. 

His performances are light and funny, sometime dark and moody but not for long. His music is an escape from the day to day we all walk through, same as what it did for the people who first created and played Country, Delta and Chicago Blues! People will hear something a bit different when they listen to his music and there has not been an audience that didn't enjoy what they heard!

The Rich Brown Blues Band has been a transformative project to say the least. Beginning as a solo performer, Rich brought a unique experience to his audience. He was fascinated by Blues rooted in the Delta, Piedmont and Chicago styles. Rich brings the important history of Blues music into each performance, telling stories and allowing the audience to connect on a deeper level with the tunes he chose. Over the years, the sauce stirred and now the band has added heat, flavor and a damn good time. 

 The current musical gumbo is a four piece band, that fits together as naturally as good food and great friends. The band features Vince Trimboli (Guitar), Marcos Noriega (Drums), Monty Harp (Vox and Bass) and Rich Brown (Vox and Guitar). Trimboli has played the longest in this outfit, touring the Southeast U.S. with Rich for the last few years.  Both Marcos Noriega and Monty Harp played together in the Dallas based band Curtis, before making Florida their home. Monty toured nationally for years with the Dallas based band Double Cross. By day, Noriega is a director of photography and by night a rockin’ drummer. Harp is a seasoned touring musician, and has performed with Ryan Cabrera, The Owen Moore Band, My Fastest Robot and he also performed with Kelsey Toney during a Dallas Stars game with 20,000 people in attendance. 

From the first moment this group got together, they have melded into a strong driving sound that is united in good vibrations. The varying instruments, tones and backgrounds come together, with each musician offering their own zest. All members of The Rich Brown Blues  Band stir that sauce, bringing the flavor of Blues, a healthy dash of Rock and the rhythm of the road to the stage. 


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Buy the album here, support local live music!

Buy the album here, support local live music!