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Hey folks!  We are a Trio, full band, duo or solo!!   Come join us for interestingly relevant and entertaining Blues and Blues Rock.  You may still be entertained by some Roots Americana during our shows as well.  We hope you can enjoy the journey as much as we do!!  See you at a show!!

Mojo Rodeo and BMI Recording Artist Rich Brown released his newest CD summer 2013, Down A Good Road. Look for it at your favorite music source and all Rich's shows. Stream our music on Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify and more!!

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Rich Brown has been fiddlin' around with a guitar since 1969. He now lives in Florida, surfs when he can and plays the Blues he loves. Anything is possible under tough circumastances, that is what made him who he is today. And now he's come up to loving to play this music that speaks to him.

Rich's music is rooted in the Blues.  He is playing and singing the music he loves.  Nearly every time he gigs, folks stop to listen because this music is a little different and grabs their attention. At some point at every gig he is asked "what is that stuff?" This stuff is where much of what we all listen to now sprang from, roots music some call it. People laugh crazy during one song and mellow down during the next, then he'll play something raucous to bring them back up and smiling. That is the height of his enjoyment, seeing this music affect others like it has him. It's why he chases it, because it got in him, real deep. Much of what he plays comes from Delta, Piedmont and Country Blues, some from Chicago and some has become classic Americana.  W.C. Handy Award winners Paul Rishell and Annie Raines
(www.paulandannie.com/mojorodeo/) introduced him to the music of Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Tommy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Scrapper Blackwell, Barbecue Bob, the list goes on. When he plays, he tells his story with these influences present. Some call it Folk Blues because it's what the 'folks" play. This is the real thing.  Rich keeps that vibe rolling on.

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Buy the album on My Music page!

Buy the album on My Music page!